Video Proctogram

A video proctogram is an x ray test which is frequently recommended to investigate patients who have problems emptying their bowel and have symptoms of obstructed defeacation.

The test shows how well the bowel empties. It can identify area of bulge such as rectoceles, enteroceles / sigmoidoceles and is also useful for identifying internal rectal prolapse (intussception).


Do I need any preparation before-hand?

You will receive written instructions about the test beforehand. No preparation is usually required.


What does the test involve?

When you arrive in the x ray department you will be asked to drink a solution, which fills up the upper part of the bowel. A small tube will be inserted into your bottom and some paste injected. You will then be asked to sit on a specially designed toilet behind a screen for privacy. You will be asked to strain and then to expel the paste as though you were going to the toilet normally.


What happens afterwards?

The test takes only a few minutes to complete. You will be able to go home straight afterwards and you can continue with all normal activities.

The radiologist will analyse the pictures and send a full report to your consultant.

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