MRI - Anal

MRI has very high contrast resolution, which means that it can see the different layers of the bowel wall and surrounding structures.

It is therefore very good at identifying lesions within the anus and any extension outside the anal wall. It has been shown to be very sensitive and significantly better than CT examination.

CT (GI) examinations are still performed as they give additional information. MRI anal is used to assess anal cancer.


Is there any preparation needed beforehand?

No preparation is required for the MRI rectum. Here at Birmingham Bowel Clinic we will try and arrange the MRI anal at the same visit as your CT (GI) abdomen and pelvis to save you time. A small cannula may be placed into a vein to allow the administration of a “dye”, known as contrast, to be given. This improves the quality of the scan and demonstrates accurately all the organs and blood vessels in your abdomen.


What does an MRI scan involve?

You will be asked to remove some of your clothes and wear a hospital gown. You will be asked a series of questions to ensure that it is safe for you to have the examination and you will need to remove anything metal. The Radiology staff will take you to the MRI machine which is a little like a tunnel. The MRI is very noisy and you will be given earmuffs. You can bring a CD to listen to if you would like. The examination takes about 40 minutes.

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