Transit Studies

This is a test to whether or not movement through the bowel is normal or slow (delayed transit).

It is often used to investigate patients who have constipation and/ or have symptoms of obstructed defaecation where simple laxatives or stool softeners haven’t worked.

It is often arranged alongside other tests of bowel function including videoproctograms anorectal physiology tests and endoanal ultrasonography.


Do I need any preparation before-hand?

You will receive written instructions about the test beforehand. You should stop taking your normal laxatives or stool softeners at least 1 week before the test.


What does the test involve?

You will be sent three capsules through the post. Each capsule contains different shapes. You will be asked to take a capsule each day for 3 days. On the 5th day you will be asked to attend the x ray department where an x ray of your abdomen is taken.


What happens afterwards?

The x ray takes only a few minutes to complete. You will be able to go home straight afterwards and you can continue with all normal activities.

The radiologist will analyse the x ray and count the different shapes. From this they can work out colonic transit. A full report will be sent a full report to your consultant.

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