Completed Birmingham Bowel Clinic patient satisfaction questionnaires

So that that the team at the Birmingham Bowel Clinic can constantly plan and improve the service offered to patients, we took the opportunity to ask our patients following their treatment to tell us what they thought about their experience of undergoing treatment at the Clinic based at The Priory Hospital. We are proud to be the first private bowel clinic to be publishing its patient satisfaction results for service offered to patients.

We sent our patients a questionnaire to voluntarily (and if preferred anonymously) complete- about their patient journey, from initially contacting the clinic through to completion of their treatment.

This will be an ongoing project which reflects our commitment to high quality patient care. The first set of results from the first round of completed surveys/ collected data from January - March 2014 are published according the month that the patient underwent their treatment. The tabs are listed to the left, in month order, from patients for episodes of care from December 2013 onwards.

This section of the website will be updated on a quarterly basis with details about what are patients are saying about the Birmingham Bowel Clinic.

Below are the results of data taken from patient questionnaires from patients who underwent Surgery between 1st- 31st October 2014.

First impressions/ initial contact: During your initial contact (email or telephone) with the Birmingham Bowel Clinic administration team/ secretaries, were all of your queries dealt with in an efficient manner?

All patients surveyed answered Yes to this question


"Secretarial staff hard to contact". Patient AH. Admission date 6/10/14.

"Very good". Patient BA. Admission date 22/10/14.

"How did you hear about the Birmingham Bowel Clinic?"

40% were recommended to the Birmingham Bowel Clinic through their GP

30% were recommended to the Birmingham Bowel Clinic by another consultant

20% had undergone treatment previously at the Birmingham Bowel Clinic.

10% found about the Birmingham Bowel Clinic through their research online and went onto the clinic website.

Website: "If you have visited the Birmingham Bowel Clinic website did you find it a useful way of finding out more about the service that the Clinic offers?"

50% of patients surveyed responded Yes to this question.

10% of patients felt the website didn't find the website useful for their query, and the remaining 40% of patients answered that the use of the website wasn't applicable in their circumstances.

Outpatient Consultation: "Were you given enough verbal information by your consultant regarding your condition and treatment options / programme?"


"Simon was very good". Patient BA. Admission date 22/10/14.

All (100%) patients felt that they were given enough verbal information in their Outpatient consultation by their consultant.

Colorectal Nurse Support: "Were you pleased with the support and service that you received throughout your treatment from Mandy Smart, Colorectal Nurse Specialist?"

80% of patients responded Yes

For 20% of patients this question was not applicable, as the treatment they underwent at the Birmingham Bowel Clinic did not them require them to have the additional support of a colorectal nurse specialist.


"Outstanding support". Patient SB. Admission date October 2014.

"Were you given information on how to contact Mandy Smart, Colorectal Nurse Specialist, following your discharge from hospital?"

60% were given relevant contact information.

40% answered not applicable.


"Mandy is available for support at all hours- well above expectations" Patient SB. Admission date October 2014.

"Would you be happy to recommend the Birmingham Bowel Clinic to a friend or relative seeking bowel treatment?"

All (100%) of our patients surveyed declared that they would recommend treatment at the Birmingham Bowel Clinic.

All patients surveyed who underwent treatment at the Birmingham Bowel Clinic in October felt that the service they received could not be improved upon.

50% of patients confirmed that they would be happy to give a patient testimonial to be published on the Birmingham Bowel Clinic website.

40% of patients felt they would not want to give a patient testimonial.

10% answered not applicable.